Spectrum CGM


OS compatibility:

  • Windows 10-64bit or newer
  • MacOS Ventura
  • Android 



Spectrum CGM works with Yeelight RGB color smart lights. 

This does not include their M2 multicolor bulb, which only works with OK Google. 

The 1S bulb has been tested and works.  The cheaper W3 bulb also works, but sometimes needs to be scanned for several times in order to appear. 

Any of the color lights you can setup with the Yeelight App should work, however some of their products like the light strip lack the necessary color range  to perform well. 


Yeelight setup:

1. Install the official Yeelight app from google play or appstore
2. Sign up for Xiaomi Account – https://account.xiaomi.com
3. In Yeelight app add device from menu
4. Connect to your Router
5. Accept default name or change
6. Enable LAN Control (developer mode – 3rd party control) when prompted

*note: Yeelight will only connect to a 2.4GHz network.  Most routers are dual band and so will work, otherwise you might need a Wi-Fi repeater or possibly use your phone’s hot-spot.


SPectrumCgm setup:

After purchase you will receive a download link to a zipped folder containing Mac, Android, and Windows applications.  Unzip the folder and install package as per your platform.



EXE file: Double click to run.



MacOS has security restrictions, which prevent 3rd party apps from running.  We have not joined the Apple Developer Network and have no plans to, so if you want to run our app you will need to follow the directions here:  https://www.howtogeek.com/803598/app-is-damaged-and-cant-be-opened/

App file: Double click to run after following linked directions.



APK: Download to file manager and click to install.  You will then need to allow unknown apps to be installed from your file manager in settings.


Spectrum Login screen:

Dexcom – Login with your Dexcom username and password.  Share service (follow app) needs to be enabled.

Libre: Login with your LibreLinkUp username and password.  Enable sharing to LibreLinkUp via Libre3 app.


Light Config:

If SpectrumCGM fails to detect your Yeelight smartlight wait a little while and try again.  Alternatively, you can try turning the light on and off before re-scanning.  To run SpectrumCGM in stand-alone mode chose the Skip option.



Select blood sugar display unit preference, adjust smart light brightness, and/or change user options are available.



For technical or customer support related to SpectrumCGM contact apps@mycomedico.com


We are the little guy…if you enjoy using our app do me a solid and spread the word.  And as always, see our homepage for information on scheduling your BCG vaccination!!