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There is great interest among those with autoimmune disease in BCG vaccination due to its apparent ability to desensitize the immune system and thereby improve autoimmune symptoms.  Some scientists believe BCG vaccination helps the immune system defeat underlying mycobacterial infections, while others believe desensitization is a trick of the mycobacterium itself.  

Millions of doses of BCG are administered worldwide every year, yet BCG is quite difficult to get in the United States. There are probably those in the pharmaceutical industry who would prefer you wait until they develop a ‘cure’. And others in government and academia who want you to wait until the science is settled. We are patients like you and understand that you may not have time to wait. We are here to help! 

We are Myco Médico and are dedicated to helping connect you to a doctor in Mexico that provides BCG vaccination.



Myco Medico is not a medical service provider. Please consult with your physician before making any medical decisions.  Myco Medico schedules appointments and processes payment for BCG vaccination in Mexico to qualified patients. We are not liable for any medical services rendered. Your medical care and results are a matter entirely between you and your doctor. There are potential complications to vaccination including, but not limited to swelling, pain, fever, infection, headache, and BCGosis. BCG vaccination can result in the formation of a BCG scar or blister. False positives on a PPD test are common after BCG vaccination, so chest x-rays or TB blood test may be asked for instead where a TB test is mandated.  Any patient with a primary immunodeficiency should refrain from vaccination. The occurrence of an adverse event should be presented to and addressed directly by your doctor. We are not responsible for any medical adverse event.

Medical services booked through us are provided in Mexico. There are risks inherent to travel and in the country of Mexico in particular. We are not liable for your personal safety while traveling to or during your stay in Mexico.


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