The idea to test BCG in fibromyalgia is not new and has been the subject of some controversy.  However, recent research that paints fibromyalgia as the result of neuro-inflammation, bolsters the argument to test BCG in this indication. A BCG trial in dementia has already been proposed using a similar rationale.  BCG appears to modulate microglial activity through trained immunity thus reducing inflammation.  There is evidence this is specifically mediated by TNF.


The role of BCG in trained immunity and modulating inflammation has been studied in other conditions. An interesting study from Iraq, ‘BCG as a new therapeutic and prophylactic agent in patients with severe oral aphthosis‘, examined the severity of recurrent mouth ulcers or canker sores after multiple serial administration of BCG.  In this study, patients given 3 standard doses of BCG spaced a month apart each were followed for six months while noting changes to symptoms as scored by the Oral Clinical Manifestation Index.


Symptoms were reduced by the second month, but dramatically decreased by the end of the third month.  The OCMI score dropped from an initial score of about 18.5 to 7.75. For the 36 patients enrolled in the study this was a HIGHLY STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT OUTCOME (P value at 0.000001). Benefits continued for the entire 3 month follow-up period in the study as well.


The fantastic result achieved in this canker sore study has implications to testing BCG in fibromyalgia.  Repeated dosing seems to be the ideal method for obtaining an anti-inflammatory effect with BCG. And theoretically, a strain of BCG which strongly induces TNF may be best suited for this purpose. Myco Médico operates outside the clinical trial setting, but offers to connect eligible patients to a physician in Mexico who administers BCG.  Our partner doctor uses BCG Russia, which is possibly the strongest inducer of TNF.  Although patient testimony lacks the rigors of a real trial, we believe it is valuable and look forward to hearing your personal results and hope that you share them with the wider community.  We believe in the right to try and are here to help, we are Myco Médico!


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